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Caledon East Sports Guards

Caledon East Sports Guards

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Custom-Made Dental Guards

Sports injuries or wear from grinding your teeth can cause serious damage to your teeth. Custom-fitted sports guards protect your teeth from being broken or knocked out during sports, and they can also prevent your enamel from being worn away from grinding your teeth. Log Home Dental can fit you with a guard that will keep your teeth healthy and safe.

Sports Guards

High-impact sports such as hockey or boxing can result in injury to your mouth and teeth, but did you know that your teeth can be damaged in any active sport? You can protect your teeth from injury due to impact with a custom-made sports guard. Made from special impact-absorbing material, a sports guard comes between you and serious injury.

Bite Appliances

Many people grind their teeth at night. This condition, called bruxism, gradually wears down your teeth, causing permanent damage to your enamel. Over time this damage can result in your teeth being so badly damaged they can be lost. A bite appliance can hold your teeth and jaws in place while you sleep, preventing you from grinding them.

If you play sports or if you grind your teeth, call us today to talk about how a guard or appliance can help protect your teeth.