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Caledon East Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Your kids will love our office. Not only is our log house unique and fascinating to kids, we absolutely love children and we're passionate about their dental care. We'll do everything we can to make your family's visit to our office comfortable and fun. We hope your kids will feel like our office is like a home away from home.


Your child's first dental visit can be as early as a few months after they are born. Not only does it allow us to check the growth and development of their jaws and teeth, it also lets your baby get used to having their mouths examined by a dentist, which will make future visits less stressful for them.

When your baby begins teething, we can check their teeth to ensure they are growing in correctly and offer you advice on how to make the process easier and less painful for them.

Later, as your child's adult teeth begin to grow in, we'll start teaching them how to brush and floss and take care of their teeth. We'll also begin cleanings and fluoride treatments to ensure their teeth last a lifetime.

We'll also monitor how your child's teeth are growing to identify whether they will need braces. If alignment issues are caught earlier it makes it much easier to correct any problems.

Finally, when your children reach their teen years we'll assess their wisdom teeth, and, if necessary, remove them.


We provide services to meet the changing needs of our senior patients. We provide consulting for caregivers on how to assist seniors with their dental hygiene, plus we also provide denture care services.

We’d love it if you chose to trust your family's dental care to us. Give us a call today to book an appointment.

Now for some fun and games:

Ricky's First Dental Visit Kids Zone Ricky's First Dental Visit Ricky Brushes His Teeth Kids Zone Ricky Brushes His Teeth